Where Can I Get Plugged In?

We believe that each individual has unique talents and abilities. A local church functions best when each person is actively involved in ministry. At Solid Rock, we have a variety of areas where a person may become involved. If you're ready to get "Plugged In" and Serve, there are a couple of options: 

1.  Fill out a Find Your Spot card located at the Information Center in the entry of the church and place it in the black box.  OR  

2.  Fill out the form below and let us know about any ministry you may be interested in. If you're not sure, that's no problem. We will go over the opportunities when we contact you back.

After you fill out the Find Your Spot card or the form, someone from the church will be in contact with you to help you get started. Thanks for becoming a part of the Solid Rock Team.

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